5 Reasons to Own a Blue Topaz Ring

A blue topaz ring is a crowd favorite because of its affordable price, beauty and durability. This blue gemstone is believed to offer a sense of calm and prevent the build-up of stress. It is also known for bringing prosperity, good fortune and happiness to the wearer. Here are some more reasons to consider a blue topaz ring:

It is also an excellent stone to have in your home, office or creative space because it helps you communicate with clarity and ease, especially when dealing with sensitive issues. It is also sometimes referred to as the writer’s stone because it allows you to fine-tune your focus so you can pen brilliant pieces without getting stuck on ideas or suffering from writer’s block.

In the arena of relationships, this gem is particularly useful because it encourages you to nurture yourself rather than relying on your partner to do that for you. This promotes healthy communication and can help you overcome feelings of being a victim in your relationship. It can also help you heal from deep-seated anger and show you how to forgive.

Associated with the throat chakra, which is responsible for expressive communication, this stone helps you to remove any blocks that may be keeping you from communicating clearly and honestly with other people. It can also help you open and boost your natural psychic gifts, such as prescience, divination, and healing.

This is an ideal gem for those who are undergoing any kind of transition in their lives, such as changing careers or moving house. It can help you adjust to these new situations and guide you to find the right balance in your life. It will also support you in making wise choices when it comes to your relationships and finances.

Like all of the topaz gemstones, this one is extremely durable. In fact, it rates an 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which means that it can only be scratched by other materials that are harder than itself. In addition to this, it is very heat-resistant and will not fade when exposed to sunlight or other sources of heat.

This gemstone is available in a wide range of cuts, including round, oval and princess cut styles. Some of the most popular blue topaz rings feature a cushion cut or a trillian cut, which showcases the gemstone’s facets. You can even find a blue topaz ring with a fancy pave setting, which adds more sparkle and elegance. There are also a variety of settings for irradiated blue topaz, which is achieved through bombarding the gems with electrons and neutrons in a linear accelerator or nuclear reactor followed by heat treatments. This process is safe for the consumer, as NRC has strict regulations in place regarding this procedure. However, irradiated blue topaz should only be worn under the supervision of a professional to ensure it does not give out any harmful radiation. This is why you need to choose the right irradiated blue topaz ring for you.

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