A Melbourne Curly Hair Salon With Love Written All Over It

Finding the right hairdresser is a tough task for most, but when you have curly hair it can be even harder. Folks with kinks, coils and swirls often spend years barber-hopping and salon-sampling, or worse yet enduring smile-through-the-tears moments as new stylists attempt to transform their unruly tresses into envy-inducing ringlets.

A true specialist has well-honed principles that prioritise helping people versus selling products. They listen intently to their clients, and deliver results that support how the individual wants to live with their curly hair. They aren’t dogmatic about their preferred creative bias, and they offer a wide variety of services to suit everyone.

Located in the eastern suburbs bible belt of beauty, Rhodes Hair & Spa is a salon with curly hair love written all over it. The team are specialised in the precision dry cutting method known as Deva haircutting, and stock only organic and Australian made hair care. They are also committed to educating their clients, and assist with creating an at-home regime to maximise curl potential.

If you’re after a great cut that celebrates your curls, ask for Melissa. Her effervescent personality, knowledge and experience with all things curly make her the ideal choice. She loves to create layered looks that enhance the shape of your curls, and has a knack for matching the right colour to your complexion and curl type. Her appointment packages include a haircut, a detox wash and styling as well as a curl prescription card to help you recreate your style at home. melbourne curly hair salon

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