A Time Lapse Video of a Pikachu Made Out of LEGO

A Pokemon fanatic has taken the adage “build it and they will come” to new heights, with a time lapse video of a Pikachu built entirely out of LEGO. The mesmerizing video is going viral on Reddit and garnering thousands of upvotes along the way.

Pikachu is the yellow, mouse-like creature with electrical powers that has become the mascot of the Pokemon franchise. It is a major character in the anime television series, and a mainstay of Nintendo’s acclaimed handheld game franchise. The character has earned a reputation as one of the most adorable in the Pokemon universe and has spawned numerous spinoffs, including games, merchandise and apparel.

The Pikachu name is credited to Atsuko Nishida and Ken Sugimori, and has been used by other companies in other media formats (the Pokemon X-Ray game is a licensed Nintendo title). For the most part, it has been a success in its native land.

As of 2016, the Pokemon franchise is the third most popular video game based on fictional creatures. This is no doubt a result of its long and storied history, including several spinoffs and anime incarnations that have become staples of the Japanese pop culture scene.

A Nanoblock or Lego set is a great choice for the Pokemon fanatic in your life. The company has a massive library of Nanoblock sets that allow you to build almost anything and everything Pokemon related, from Pokemon themed buildings and Pokemon characters, to Pokemon sized robots that have their own personalities. You can even create your own custom-fit Pokémon characters or outfit them with their own corresponding accessories and costumes. Pikachu Lego

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