Auto Cold Drawing Machine

Auto cold drawing machine takes steel wire rod as raw material and gradually reduces its diameter. It is a very important machine in order to process steel wire and metallic mesh for different applications. Its diameter can be as small as you want to meet the requirements of various industrial needs.

The energy-power parameters of the drawing process are highly dependent on technological factors of the drawing process, such as the die half angle, drawing speed and lubrication conditions. The accuracy of these values entered into the mathematical modeling will determine the adequacy of the calculation results.

For accurate energy-power modeling, it is necessary to know the dependence of tensile strength and yield strength on cold drawing. For this purpose, experimental data are collected and analyzed using the built-in functions of the Excel mathematical package. The dependences are then used to develop approximation equations and trend lines.

In the present paper, a system of three models for the calculation of the energy-power parameters of a multi-wire drawing line is presented. The model is based on the use of the stress-strain relationship, in which the strain is determined by the drawing force. The result is a graph that shows the variation of the drawing forces with the draw rate, which allows for a comparison between the model and the experimental data.

These models allow the designer to select the most suitable equipment for his or her production requirements. In addition, these calculations help to prepare capacity plans for the machine.

This machine is the largest and most important of the entire machine chain. It is responsible for receiving the sharpened, rolled wire rod and gradually reducing its diameter. It also provides a good surface finish on the rod, which is required for some of its applications.

Horen Industrial Co., Ltd produces metal tubes and bars that require re-sizing and precise tolerance for different industrial applications. The company’s product line includes metal swaging machines, cold drawing machines and straightening machines. Horen’s cold drawing machines are available in automatic and semi-automatic types. They are designed for the drawing of copper, aluminum and nonferrous alloys in a range of sizes. Horen’s machines are modular and can be equipped with a variety of options and accessories. The company’s HS model features individually driven and electronically controlled wire drawing capstans that enable a minimized slip operation. This is a critical feature for achieving higher precision, tighter tolerances and higher production rates. The HS models are also equipped with hydraulic push pointers, which are designed to streamline the drawing process by clamping and pushing the workpiece directly against the die. The resulting drawn materials are then carried by discharging arms to designated collection racks next to the draw bench. This is a more efficient alternative to accumulating the workpieces and rewinding them in the annealing process. This can save time and money while maintaining superior quality in the finished products. The HS model is also capable of drawing cold heading quality, high carbon and stainless steel wires.

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