Choosing Groomsmen Suits

Groomsmen suits might seem like a tricky wardrobe decision, but a little advance planning and careful shopping can make things go smoothly. When choosing a suit style for your groomsmen, it’s important to keep the wedding theme and level of formality in mind. For example, if the groom is wearing a navy two-piece suit with a button-up shirt and oxford shoes, it’s a good idea to make sure that all of your groomsmen are following suit. This will ensure that the entire wedding party looks cohesive and polished.

If you want to add a unique touch, consider incorporating the wedding color palette into your groomsmen outfits. For instance, earthy tones like green work well for fall and winter weddings, while lighter shades are more appropriate for spring or summer. Similarly, you might want to consider matching the color of the dress shirt to the bridesmaids’ dresses or adding accent colors with ties, pocket squares, socks, and shoe styles.

While black tie is the standard for a formal wedding, grey groomsmen suits are a versatile option that can be dressed up or down for casual or daytime events. This modern slim fit suit from State & Liberty is made with wrinkle-resistant, hyper stretch fabric that can hold up to a long day of toasts, photoshoots, and the Cupid Shuffle.

Pair this suit with a navy gingham dress shirt from Kamakura for a polished look that’s slightly less formal than a classic spread collar. If you want to go even more casual, a light brown suspender like this one from Suitsupply worn without a jacket is an easy and stylish way for groomsmen to look put-together while staying cool. Groomsmen suits

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