Custom Grip Socks

Custom grip socks are a must have for anyone looking to take their football performance and comfort to the next level. Worn by many professional football players, grip socks are designed to prevent internal slipping within the shoes which can cause blisters and reduce agility. Grip socks feature rubber pads on the sole of the sock which generate a gripping action on the shoe to prevent this slipping and help players to maintain stability during lateral and vertical movements.

The breathable nature of our grip socks makes them comfortable to wear whilst also helping to keep the feet dry. This prevents the build up of sweat which can cause foot rub – a major source of blisters for many players. They also help to lock the foot into the shoe to prevent movement which can lead to minor injuries and abrasions. Our socks are treated to prevent the growth of bacteria which helps to keep odour at bay.

Our Elite performance grip sock is made with high-quality material to ensure they are both comfortable and long lasting. This allows a detailed design to be woven onto the socks which can be customised with your logo and colours to create a high-quality, eye-catching product that perfectly represents your trampoline park.

Our lightweight grip sock is an alternative to our Elite performance product, with the same high-quality features but in a lighter and more budget-friendly material. This still allows for a detailed design to be woven onto your socks to create an eye-catching and unique product that perfectly represents your trampoline park. custom grip socks

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