Digital Currency Employment

As a job market continues to soften and cryptocurrency prices continue to slide, some employers are exploring the possibility of paying employees in crypto. But the practice isn’t without risks and isn’t available everywhere. Those who work in crypto have to be comfortable with the risk of strong gains as well as scary plunges in value.

But if you’re willing to take the leap, it might be time to check out the opportunities that are out there. A number of companies have started offering to pay employees in crypto, and it’s not just for techies and developers. Many ordinary workers are interested in having the option of receiving a portion or even all of their paycheck in crypto.

A survey conducted in March 2022 by SoFi, an online personal finance company found that 36% of workers wanted to be able to receive part or all of their salary in crypto, and 40% would like to receive NFTs (non-fungible tokens) as performance rewards. That’s not surprising, given the high price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as their reputation for being volatile.

In fact, a new report by K33 Research finds that there are nearly 190,000 people employed in some form of the crypto industry, up from about 191,000 at the start of the bull run in late 2020. About a third of them work in exchanges or brokerages, reflecting the importance of these services in driving cryptocurrency prices and liquidity. Others work in crypto development and analytics, and still others focus on mining. Many of these roles are based abroad, with some major crypto companies opting for global headquarters in jurisdictions with favorable regulatory and tax structures. Digital Currency Employment

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