Employment Lawyers

Employment lawyers can be instrumental in helping companies comply with the plethora of labor laws that exist. They can also help employers navigate difficult employee decisions and be the representation a company needs during collective bargaining arrangements. Whether an employer is facing litigation for discrimination or a company wants to be sure it has the right language in contracts and policies, a good employment lawyer can save a business a lot of time and money by making the appropriate arrangements and advising on legal documents.

For employees, an experienced lawyer can ensure that their job offers the benefits, wages, and protections required under law. They can also help them understand the laws regarding their rights if they are working part or full time, as an independent contractor or a tipped employee, and can advise on any issues such as wage and hour disputes or sexual harassment. They can also help with questions around COVID-19 compliance or if they believe they have been subject to unwarranted firing.

For example, NYC-based Granovsky&Sundaresh has a large labor and employment practice that handles everything from severance agreements to workers’ compensation cases. Its clients include the automotive and high tech industries. Other firms like Fisher Phillips have broad practices that cover a wide range of issues, including COVID-19 and discrimination claims. Other practitioners have experience with complex arbitrations and noncompetition disputes. Marina Tsatalis of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati is particularly well known for her work on restrictive covenant disputes. Employment lawyers

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