Fenbendazole Capsules Against Cancer

Fenbendazole blocks the ability of parasites to produce energy which ultimately starves and kills them. It is available over the counter as a single-use packet or by prescription in granule, liquid, chew and capsule form to make deworming your pet easier. This medication is a moderate-acting medicine that will take a few days to work. Your veterinarian may recommend a fecal examination to ensure that all parasites have been killed and to determine the effectiveness of treatment.

This drug is known for its broad-spectrum antiparasitic activities in the veterinary industry, but researchers have now found that it can be used against cancers too. According to a study published in the journal Scientific Reports, fenbendazole can be used to treat tumors by inhibiting tubulin polymerization. This causes the cell to arrest in the G2/M phase of the cell cycle, and apoptosis occurs as a result. The research also found that the compound is effective against both wild-type and mutant p53 cancer cells.

The study found that when fenbendazole is used in combination with vitamins, it is even more potent than when it is given on its own. Vitamins are thought to help increase the activity of fenbendazole and influence factors that have an effect on tumor development.

The researchers also found that fenbendazole had no adverse effects on the health of mice when it was given before local tumor irradiation, and did not increase the number of lung metastases seen on necropsy. However, the mice that were treated with fenbendazole had lower tumor volumes than those that were not. fenbendazole capsules

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