Floor Heating Pipe Supplier

Floor heating is a safe, efficient and clean way to heat homes, garages, workshops, driveways and other residential and commercial properties. The hydronic or hot-water type systems listed here utilize PEX tubing as the means of distributing heated water from a heart source to the areas of your home or business that need warmth.

We carry a wide variety of PEX tubing in various sizes and colors, as well as all the accessories you need for your underfloor heating system such as pipe fastener ties, bend guides (to sleeve the PEX tubing where it exits concrete), pex-manifold adapters and stainless steel manifolds. To complete your infloor heating system you will also need a boiler, a circulator pump and a thermostat.

Menred Melle PE-Xa 5-layer oxygen barrier underfloor heating pipes feature a co-extruded EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier that limits the permeability of oxygen molecules. Produced with Boreaslis HE1878E and Japan Kuraray EVOH raw material, our oxygen barrier PEX pipes are backed by Germany industry 4.0 advanced technology equipment and high-grade raw materials to enhance their temperatue, pressure, wear and creep capabilities. They will maintain their excellent long-term performance in radiant and baseboard heating and cooling systems and are ideal for ice/snow melting projects as well.

PEX is made from a highly durable, corrosion-resistant and eco-friendly material. It is not only resistant to UV rays and chemicals, but it can also withstand both low and high temperatures. The flexible tubing is easy to install and requires little maintenance after it’s been buried under the floor, allowing you to enjoy comfortable, energy-efficient living spaces without sacrificing aesthetic appeal in your home or business. floor heating pipe supplier

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