Getting a Portland Family-Based Immigration Lawyer on Your Side

Bringing family members to the United States is an important goal for many families. Getting an immigration lawyer on your side early in the process can help prevent delays and ensure that your application is filed properly.

Visas are available to bring spouses, children, and parents to the country for permanent residence. A portland family-based immigration lawyer can help you understand your options and select the right one.

Immigration laws can be complex and change often. Having an experienced lawyer on your side can help you avoid costly mistakes that could derail your case. A portland family-based immigration attorney can also help you obtain asylum if you fear persecution in your home country.

Philip Hornik has practiced immigration law in Oregon since 1977, and he has helped clients from all over the world. He specializes in all aspects of family-based immigrant visa petitions, adjustment of status applications, and naturalization applications. He also prepares employment-based visa petitions and represents individuals in deportation proceedings.

The complexities of US immigration law can make it very difficult to navigate on your own. An experienced portland family-based immigration lawyer can provide guidance to help you get through the process quickly and efficiently. He or she can also assist you in navigating the complicated application forms that are required for most types of visas.

Family-based visas are granted based on relationships between family members and the sponsoring US citizen or green card holder. These include spouses, children, and parents of US citizens. The number of visas available is limited, so a consultation with an immigration lawyer can help you understand your eligibility.

Some family-based immigration cases require lengthy processing times. While these delays are frustrating, a portland family-based immigration lawyer can guide you through the process and help your loved ones stay together.

Whether you are an employee seeking a visa to work for a company in the United States or a business owner requiring a worker from abroad, you need the expertise of an experienced portland family-based immigration lawyer to ensure your application is completed correctly. The right lawyer can save you time, money, and stress while increasing your chances of success.

Aga Gujral is a Portland family-based immigration lawyer who joined FordMurray in the spring of 2018 after owning her own practice for three years. Her practice encompasses a wide spectrum of immigration matters in all levels of complexity. In addition to handling family-based immigration, naturalization, and deportation defense, she also has experience with labor and employment-based visas and assists clients in resolving issues relating to visa waivers. She is a member of the Maine Bar Association and American Immigration Lawyers Association and is fluent in Polish. She places a great emphasis on helping the community and serves as a volunteer and board member of the Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project and Women United Around the World, an organization that helps new Mainers and female immigrants acclimate to their new environment. She is also a frequent presenter at client or community sponsored events and workshops on immigration-related topics. portland family-based immigration lawyer

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