Going Natural with Fiber and Bamboo Rugs

No longer are rugs just restricted to indoor use; in fact many rugs can be used both indoors and outdoors. The tricky thing about it is that you’ll have to figure out what kind of rug, style and material can be used outdoors without you having to deal with a lot of clean up, mold, mildew and dirt. Albeit you should probably keep your wool, hand tufted rugs to the indoors, rugs made from natural fibers or bamboo are excellent choices for both outside and inside your home.

Area rugs made from natural plant fibers such as sisal (pronounced either as sahy-suhl or sis-uhl) and jute make for excellent rugs mainly for their durability and lovely appearance. Because natural fiber rugs have thick coarse fibers that lend their strength, these rugs would be excellent around pets and high traffic areas. If you intend to use natural fiber rugs for your patio or sunroom, make sure that it’s in an area that gets little or no humidity or moisture. Sisal especially can absorb a lot of moisture, thus expanding the fibers, compromising the strength of the rug.

If you’re not all too thrilled about the idea of having to keep a constant eye on a natural fiber rug, then maybe you should consider looking into a bamboo rug. Bamboo rugs are the latest rage in eco-friendly flooring materials; not only are they just as durable as hardwood floors and natural fiber rugs, they’re absolutely gorgeous! What’s terrific about bamboo rugs is that if something spills on these rugs, they can be easily wiped clean. Usually mold or mildew won’t be an issue but if it does occur, it can be easily taken care with a quick wipe of a cloth soaked in a water and bleach mix.

In addition to their natural beauty, what makes natural fiber rugs so appealing is their low maintenance cleaning routine. Regular vacuuming on a fiber rug or a quick wipe with a damp cloth on a bamboo rug will usually do the trick. But no matter which type of rug you decide upon, having a unique area rug in your patio or sunroom will add a splash of life and touch of nature to your setting. vintage persian rugs

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