How to Choose a Moving Company

A umzugsunternehen berlin helps businesses and individuals move their physical

possessions from one place to another. These companies may provide full service

packing, warehousing and distribution, and auto transport services. Some also offer

storage. Customers should research companies before deciding to work with them.

Some factors to consider include cost, licensing, customer service and insurance.

A good moving company should have a website that provides an in-depth look at its

services. It should also have contact information. The site should include a form to

request a quote and an explanation of its terms and conditions. The website should

also have an online claim filing system that is easy to use and quick to process.

Before choosing a moving company, it’s a good idea to ask for recommendations

from friends and family members. The Better Business Bureau can also help. It lists

complaints against moving companies and gives a snapshot of their business

practices. It should also have a list of licensed and insured moving companies that it

endorses. Ideally, a prospective customer should get a few quotes from different

moving companies before making a decision. The prices will vary, but a customer

should avoid getting a quote from a company that appears to charge more than


Some moving companies specialize in local moves, while others focus on long-

distance deliveries. Some offer specialty services, such as furniture disassembly and

reassembly, as well as storage. Some companies, such as PODS, offer portable

storage solutions that can be delivered and stored on the driveway of a home,

allowing customers to access their belongings at their convenience.

Most states require movers to be licensed. Local movers must be licensed at the

state level, while interstate movers must have active motor carrier (MC) and U.S.

Department of Transportation (DOT) licenses. During the quoting process, a

prospective customer should ask a moving company for these numbers and verify

them with the FMCSA.

Moving companies typically have a lot of overhead costs, including vehicle

maintenance and fuel expenses, payroll and payroll taxes, insurance and other

commercial liability policies. They should also have a solid marketing strategy to

attract new customers.

A moving company should have a strong presence on social media sites, such as

Facebook and LinkedIn. These are excellent ways to advertise specials and

promotions to potential customers. They can also use these channels to build a

community of satisfied customers and encourage referrals.

If a potential customer is unsure of what questions to ask a moving company, he or

she should start by asking for an in-home survey. The moving company should be

able to give an accurate price quote based on the size of the house, number of items

and their weight. Having an in-home assessment will help prevent surprises on the

final bill. In addition, the moving company should disclose any extra fees upfront.

Examples of these charges could include a fee for packaging items, moving items up

or down a preset number of stairs, and a fee for parking.

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