How to Prevent a Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing problems. These frustrating, odour-inducing incidents aren’t just inconvenient – they can actually encourage the growth of bacteria and contribute to serious health issues. Thankfully, most clogs are easy to prevent.

Getting to know your pipe system and how they work is an excellent way to reduce the risk of a drain blockage. However, it can be difficult to find clues that there might be an issue because much of our plumbing system is underground and hidden inside walls.

Some of the biggest causes of a clogged drain are things that people put down their drains unintentionally. Whether they are children’s toys, food scraps, sanitary items or other materials that should not be flushed, these objects can build up and clog your pipes.

Other common culprits are hair buildup and soap scum. When soap scum mixes with water, it creates a thick glaze that can build up and block your drains. Keeping a drain stopper in your bathtub and shower, and regularly pouring hot water down the drains will help to keep them clean. Similarly, using a sink strainer to catch excess hair and other debris can also be helpful.

If you notice that your drain is slowing down or not working at all, it’s important to act fast! This is a good indicator that there is a problem somewhere in your pipe system and you will need to call for professional assistance. clogged drain

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