Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers

The cabinet industry is strong and has a reputation for reacting nimbly to market forces. Manufacturers are adjusting production strategies, investing in technology, responding to customer desires and reducing lead times. They are also working to make the industry more sustainable by seeking out alternative materials, such as the German-developed Form, and through initiatives like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which provides certification that wood comes from forests that use environmentally sound forestry practices, treat workers well, and charge fair prices.

Kitchen cabinet manufacturers sell cabinets through builders, remodelers, retail showrooms, wholesale distributors, home centers such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, architects/designers, direct to the consumer and via multi-family building projects. The largest manufacturers, based in the United States, include Masco, American Woodmark, Merillat, and Kraftmaid.

Large cabinet companies often offer the latest in colors, finishes, designs, and advanced features that can make a kitchen remodel easier for designers and consumers. They can also guarantee delivery times, which may not be possible for smaller shops that rely on a small team of local designers and craftsmen to fill orders.

Choosing the right cabinet manufacturer is an intricate process that involves brand research, product knowledge and interviewing. Effective cabinet representatives are usually outgoing, skilled salespeople who have a thorough understanding of the products they represent. They can answer questions about cabinet construction and provide a catalog of options for designing with their brand. They can even offer a visual design for the space to help consumers envision what their finished project will look like. kitchen cabinet manufacturers

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