New Dometic Units

New Dometic Units

The RV community is abuzz with the arrival of several new products from Dometic, norcold refrigerator including a pair of battery-powered air conditioners for truck sleepers and a low profile rooftop AC. The company also unveiled a solar exhibit at the Mid-America Trucking Show, and is showcasing a new auxiliary cooling device designed to distribute AC flow more efficiently around a truck cab.

FreshJet 3 Series

The new Dometic FreshJet 3 Series air conditioner is a top choice for RVers who want a lightweight, high-efficiency model that can be easily installed in an existing or converted coach. Its custom blower system delivers more airflow for faster cool-down times and is insulated with EPP foam to reduce noise and weight.

RTX 2000

The RTX 2000 is a 12V auxiliary air conditioning unit for truck drivers. Its Eco mode consumes only 19 amps, and it can run on a 12V battery for up to 12 hours without needing to use the engine.

Its Turbo mode provides up to 6,824 BTU of cooling power. This 2,000-watt unit cranks out enough energy to keep the cab of your vehicle from getting too hot, and it comes with a remote control for convenient operation.

RTX2000 was developed in Europe, and it’s been adapted for the US market as an offshoot of its commercial truck parking cooler cousins. It’s one of the most popular auxiliary ACs on the market, with both vanlife and trucker groups flocking to purchase it.

Split-System Blizzard 134a

The long-established, battery-powered, split-system truck auxiliary air conditioners from Dometic have been updated to use 134a refrigerant. The updates include small design changes and durability improvements to the fan and main compressor units, according to Barefoot.

In addition, the 134a refrigerant allows a longer life and better efficiency than R22 refrigerant. The updated units are designed to work in temperatures from 41°F to 126°F, which is ideal for most truck-cab applications.

DOT-approved diesel emissions and fuel economy improvement

The new RTX 2000 auxiliary AC is engineered to operate without the need for engine idling, which saves fleets up to a gallon of diesel per hour and helps to improve engine performance by cutting down on oil burn. It’s equipped with an intelligent control system that automatically turns it off when the batteries are running low.

SmartStart III

Dometic’s latest auxiliary air conditioning model is the SmartStart III, a unit that combines the energy savings and convenience of a portable air conditioner with the safety and reliability of a stationary model. The company claims it is the first auxiliary AC that can be operated in an environment that has been contaminated with hazardous materials, such as lead and mercury.

Its rust-free molded composite drain pan has channels to direct condensate water to three drain locations. It has a smaller footprint than most models to allow easier installation and comes with an enclosed blower motor to eliminate overhang.

The SmartStart III is available only through dealers, and it requires a trained technical professional to install. Because of this, we couldn’t find any live support or resources for consumers to learn how to install it in their RV.

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