Ockel Sirius Power PC Case

Whether you’re gaming in your backyard or relaxing on a couch watching Netflix, the Ockel Sirius B Black Cherry turns any television into a fully functional PC. Simply connect an HDMI screen, power adapter and optionally a mouse and keyboard and start enjoying the latest games on your mobile PC.

These slim cases are easy to build in, opening up one large side of the enclosure for easy access to your components. They’re also the most compact, though they have some of the tightest hardware restrictions, with many requiring low-profile coolers and half-height add-on cards (if any at all). And since they often only accommodate SFX-L or smaller proprietary power supplies, these cases are best for light gaming and home theater PCs.

With specialized sickle-shaped blades, the Sirius Loop and Sirius Pure fans deliver a rush of cool air with exceptional air pressure for superior cooling performance. And with dual addressable RGB rings, they’re sure to illuminate your build in 16.8 million color combinations and an elegantly vibrant style. Plus, sleeved cables are daisy chainable and match the purity of the fan’s design. With a low noise rating of 18 dB, you can enjoy your favorite music or game with peace of mind. sirius power pc case

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