Opti-V Electric Fireplace From Dimplex

The gas heaters Fireplace from Dimplex is an innovative wall-recessed electric fire that is perfect for commercial and residential settings. It produces the most realistic flame effects available in the industry without generating heat, making it a safe choice for kids and pets.

Opti-V Electric Fireplaces feature a blend of technology, artistry and craftsmanship that creates a truly lifelike electric fireplace experience. A patented LED flame technology combined with a 3D inner glow logset provides an incredibly realistic look and feel to any room.

Realistic flickering flames that dance across glowing logs which sporadically spark and crackle give this unit a truly memorable fire effect. These dazzling flames can be operated independently from the heating function, so you can enjoy this beautiful visual flame effect all year round.

This unit comes direct-wired to a 120/240 volt circuit and has a convenient remote control. It also features a sound effect volume control.

Opti-V Solo is a unique and patent protected design that combines ultra-realistic flickering flames with three dimensional LED logs that sporadically spark. Add on an audio element of crackling logs and you have the most unbelievable electric flame effect on the market!

The Opti-V Solo is a beautiful, stylish addition to any living space, office or hotel. It will instantly transform any room into a cozy and relaxing atmosphere.

With its unique patent protected design the Opti-V Solo has become one of the most popular and sought after electric fireplaces on the market. The combination of high definition video and a patented 3D illusion is so lifelike that you will forget that this is not a natural wood burning fireplace.

In addition to the Opti-V Solo’s realism, it’s also extremely versatile. It can be installed in any room within your home or commercial area including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and even business foyers!

This electric fireplace is perfect for any room, whether you want to add a focal point in a small corner or create a stylish statement in a large open space. The Opti-V Solo is also very energy efficient as it does not emit heat or flames and can be used at a cost of less than a penny per day.

It is easy to install and is designed to be direct-wired to a 120/240v circuit for a seamless look. You can even control the flames and the volume of the crackling sounds at the touch of a button with your remote!

Opti-V Duet is another revolutionary product from Dimplex. It has a patented design that takes advantage of the latest advancements in artificial flame technology to merge unbelievable flames with LED logs that intermittently sporadically spark and crackle! With an LCD screen and an integrated speaker to bring sound to the flickering flames, this one of a kind firebox will be an item that will always stand out from the crowd.

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