Pressure Cleaning Services

Pressure cleaning services are one of the most affordable and effective ways to give a business a face-lift. Whether your customers are businesses or private individuals, the power of a high-powered water spray can help rid them of mud, grime, moss, salt, chewing gum, mold, and stains to leave their property looking like new again.

Power washing (also known as blast cleaning or pressure cleaning) is the use of a pump to push highly pressurized water onto surfaces, such as concrete, brick walls, and walkways. Water can be blasted at speeds of up to 3000 PSI and often is mixed with detergents or soaps to loosen grime. Unlike scrubbing, which can be slow and cumbersome, pressure washing is fast and effective.

Cleaning up a building with a pressure washer not only removes grit and dirt but also helps prevent future damage. For example, if mold or mildew are allowed to grow on the outside of buildings, it can cause deterioration and even structural failure. Regularly cleaning with a pressure washer will keep these contaminants from forming and can save a company a lot of money in the long run.

In addition to removing existing debris, a regularly scheduled pressure wash will help prepare a home or commercial building for a fresh coat of paint or other renovations. A clean surface is a smooth canvas and will allow for a more even application of the new coating. In addition, pressure washing will get rid of moss, mildew, and other pollutants that can cause problems with the finish or even discolor it. pressure cleaning services

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