Resolving Conflict With Men in a Relationship

Conflict will occur in every relationship, and how you handle conflict makes all the difference. When handled in a healthy way, it strengthens relationships and can help them last longer. However, when conflict isn’t resolved in a healthy way, it can cause hurt feelings, resentment, and irreparable rifts. This article outlines the steps of resolving conflict in a relationship, including recognising and understanding the problem, honest communication, seeking to understand rather than winning, finding a compromise, and forgiveness.

Men often have unique challenges when it comes to resolving relationship conflict. Societal expectations, ego, and feelings of guilt and shame can hinder open and honest communication. However, by learning to address these dynamics and adopt healthier communication patterns, men can resolve conflicts in a more constructive and respectful way.

Start by taking a moment to explore your own feelings around the issue at hand. This can be done through writing in a journal, or by having an honest conversation with your partner. It’s important to take your time and be clear in what you’re feeling so that you can effectively communicate your concerns with your partner.

Once you’ve explored your own feelings, take a moment to consider your partner’s point of view. Try to listen without judgment and be patient as your partner shares their perspective. Be sure to maintain eye contact and eliminate distractions so that you can focus solely on what your partner is saying. If you find that your partner is being too critical, try to give them a break and come back later when they’re alert and in a good mood. resolving conflict with men in a relationship

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