Rural Marketing Agencies in India

The top rural marketing agencies in india are known for creating impactful communication campaigns that resonate with rural audiences, resulting in behavior change and brand loyalty. They are also renowned for their social responsibility and community engagement efforts that go beyond business interests.

While urbanization has made a huge dent in the country’s rural population, there are still 72% of Indian households that live in villages. This makes a strong rural market an attractive target for many consumer goods companies.

Yet, a number of challenges make the process of tapping rural markets difficult. The lack of adequate transportation and telecommunications infrastructure, scattered consumers, and low purchasing power all contribute to the difficulty of reaching rural Indians.

To overcome these challenges, many marketers turn to free-standing rural marketing agencies to help them identify and reach rural customers. The agencies typically employ local people to work with the rural markets, which provides them with an intimate knowledge of the area.

For example, Khurram Askari, CEO of the four-year-old Insight Connect, a rural marketing firm, has hired professional troupes to perform burra kathas (folk art performances) in rural areas for his clients. Askari believes that such a medium can help them communicate with the locals in a way that is both relatable and effective.

Another company, Idea Cellular, uses mobile vans to offer customer service in rural areas. The vans carry photocopy machines, a camera and a representative to help villagers with documentation verification. They also provide assistance with the activation of new SIM cards and help users troubleshoot issues with their existing ones. rural digital marketing

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