RV Cooling Units

All rv cooling units purchased through us are fully backed by our 100% Guarantee! — 3 Year replacement for any cooling problem & 5 Year limited replacment for leaks pro-rated.

RV Cooling Unit Warehouse has an average star rating of 4.8, this indicates our customers love our products and services!

Cooling Unit Warehouse has been established since 2010. We specialize in remanufacturing Dometic & Norcold cooling units. All our units are rebuilt by experienced professionals and quality materials are used in all of our remanufactured refrigerators.

The typical RV refrigerator contains four major components; the boiler, condenser, evaporator and absorber. The cooling unit is a complex apparatus of tubes within tubes connecting the four major components. This peculiar design inevitably leads to cooling unit failure, which almost always mandates an expensive refrigerator replacement.

Leaks are the number one reason cooling units fail. The leaking refrigerant, usually ammonia, creates a yellowish-type stain in the absorber vessel and ruins the unit. A gurgling sound while the refrigerator is running can also indicate a cooling unit failure.

A quality rebuilding facility will thoroughly clean the entire unit prior to recharging it. This process includes a thorough cleaning of all internal and external surfaces, including the tubing which forms the low and high temperature evaporator coils. All tubing, both exposed and encased in the evaporator foam pack, is galvanized. This coating of 99% pure zinc has an inherent cathodic protection characteristic that sacrificially protects the tube from corrosion in the event of a leak. rv cooling units

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