Significant Facts About a Ringtone Maker

A ringtone is a sound or a ‘ring’ made by a mobile phone upon receiving an incoming call or a text message. The traditional mobile phones consisted of simple, repetitive rings which did not differ much from each other. However, nowadays ringtones are much more than just a series of sounds in varying frequencies; now they are composed of different songs, music or sounds blended together to create a large variety of ringtones, and all this can simply be achieved through a ringtone maker.

What is a Ringtone Maker?
A ringtone maker – as the name suggests – is used to make customizable ringtones for mobile phones. Mobile phones are a vital part of our lives in this age. We cannot imagine being without them, for they are a necessity rather than a luxury. With this growing popularity of cell phones, users felt the need to customize their mobiles if they had to carry them everywhere, including themes, backgrounds, menu as well as ringtones. Thus, the market for ringtone creators came into being.

History of Ringtone Makers
The Japanese NTT DoCoMo Digital Mova N103 Hyper developed by NEC and released in 1996 was the first commercial mobile phone to offer the feature of customizable ringtones. After that, Digital Minimo D319 by Denso was released in September 1996, in which – for the first time – a user could create their own melodies and use them as ringtones. This feature gained much popularity and eventually led to the creation of the first downloadable ringtone maker by Vesa-Matti Pananen in 1997, which was known as ‘Harmonium’.

How Does it Work?
Nowadays, ringtone makers are all the rage among mobile phone users who want to create personalized ringtones for their phones. These programs allow you to create a mix of sounds or music according to your preferences with the help of a ‘melody composer’ or a synthesizer, and convert it into a ringtone file format which is compatible with your mobile device. These formats include iMelody – which is an old style format for EMS-enabled phones -, MIDI, WAV, MP3, AMR, AAC and AU etc. Apart from that, users can also use a ringtone maker to select a song from their music collection, convert it into the required ringtone format, and send the file on their mobile phones through SMS, e-mail, USB or Bluetooth. These converted and transferred files are then ready to be used as ringtones for incoming calls, messages or even an alarm tone.

An online ringtone maker also works the same way, i.e. it requires users to upload a song or any music file from their personal collection, which is then analyzed by the software. Users can then edit it according to their requirements and save it on their mobile phones to be used later. wholesale tungsten rings

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