Super Uses For a Super Heavy Duty Battery

One thing about super heavy duty batteries is like they are the super heroes of the battery world. In a sense, they are the largest, the most durable and last the longest of them all, and their very powerful appearance would allude to the fact of the massive potential power that sits within its squat frame. Many people turn to these batteries when they need prolonged life in their gadgets – especially when they go out and about and plan to do so for long periods of time.

There are many types of these batteries in and around the market and the most common one is the PP3 battery, also known as the 9 volt battery, one of the more large and in charge battery versions out there. You would probably recognise it by its rectangular blocky shape and it is widely used for heavy duty equipment like smoke detectors, radio controlled toy cars and airplanes and even large digital clocks.

The battery has both a negative and a positive terminal on one end of the battery, and is designed with a snap fitting that it allows it to easily mate with the power connector, and makes polarisation of the unit all that much more easier. Within the battery, there are six alkaline or even carbon cells that have been arranged in a series and their size is normally of the AAAA category, which, on the market, is the smallest cell that you can find within a 9 volt battery. There are also rechargeable version on the market and you can find them in spades in your local hardware stores. The lithium versions actually last up to 5 times longer than the normal ‘ultra life’ 9 volt batteries out there, so you might want to look at that option for longer lasting power. Then there is the issue of the D battery, which is an electrochemical cell and the largest battery out there for use.

These massive heavy duty batteries are the largest available on the market and they are also pretty expensive, so getting the rechargeable versions make much more sense then getting the primary cells that you can only use once. These dry cells are normally made of up a single chamber or an electrode rod used to power the battery. Their typical capacity is about 6 times more powerful than normal AA batteries, so there is the question of size and performance here. This is an example of one of the better super heavy duty batteries out there, and there is also the C version of this battery, which is slightly less powerful but still about 3 times more powerful than the AA counterpart.

You can find these sorts of batteries pretty easily on the market and they can cost a pretty penny especially when you compare them to their normal counterparts. But for large equipment and portable multimedia devices, there is no other battery that can give the staying power other than the D super heavy duty battery. 12 volt 20ah battery

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