Taking a Typing Speed Test

A typing speed test, sometimes called a keyboarding or touch-typing test, is one of the most common ways to assess a person’s typing abilities. The test measures the number of words typed in a set amount of time (usually measured in minutes) and can be used to evaluate a typist’s skills, measure improvement over time, or as a pre-employment screening tool. The test can be administered on a computer keyboard or on a manual typewriter, and may use a variety of text types and difficulty levels. Typists typically aim for a score of at least 50 WPM or 60 WPM if applying for a job as a secretary or transcriptionist.

Most online typing tests give results in either WPM or CPM (characters per minute), a more accurate metric that accounts for the number of errors made during the test. Since errors can slow down typing and increase the test duration, many typists prefer to focus on CPM scores.

Some of the more popular online typing tests offer multiple text types and different test durations. Some also include a ‘Reset’ button and allow users to select their own keyboard layout. Others, like the TypeRacer test, make the testing experience fun by turning it into a game that allows typists to race random people or invite friends to private typing races. The site even lets users choose the number of words or minutes to test for.

Some online typing tests also provide a percentage accuracy score, which is calculated by adding the total number of mistakes made to the total number of words typed. This is a more useful metric than simple WPM because it takes into account that proof-reading and fixing typing errors can reduce the overall writing efficiency of an individual. typing speed test

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