The Basics of Apparel Screen Printing

Screen printing is one of the most popular methods for making customized clothing. It creates durable prints that can be applied to paper, fabric and other materials. The process uses thick inks that sit on top of the surface instead of being absorbed by it, creating a vibrant effect. The shirts printed with this method can also withstand repeated washings without losing their color or design. This makes them ideal for businesses looking to create promotional merchandise or branded workwear.

Apparel screen printing involves using a stencil-like mesh screen to apply the desired inks onto the clothing. The screen is covered in a photo-emulsion, which allows only the areas of the fabric that are to be printed through to receive the ink. Once the screen is prepared, the printer adds each color individually and prints them on the apparel with a squeegee. Once the printing is complete, the garments are then placed in a dryer to cure and harden.

This is a labor-intensive printing technique that can be difficult for beginners to master. To avoid making mistakes that may ruin the garments, it’s best to work with a professional screen printing company. A skilled and experienced printer will know how to prepare the right fabrics, use a suitable printing press and apply inks in the correct way to get the most accurate results.

The inks used for apparel screen printing are often more expensive than those used for digital printing, as they’re often made with higher-quality dyes and ingredients. This can make screen-printed t-shirts more expensive than those printed with digital technology, although they last longer and tend to be more durable. If you’re a business owner who’s interested in starting your own apparel line, it’s important to consider the cost of producing the shirts and other items you sell.

When deciding on the printing method to use for your company, it’s important to consider the amount of money and time that will be involved in setting up and maintaining your equipment. Additionally, you’ll want to consider how many products you’ll be able to produce with each run, as well as the quality of those products.

Apparel screen printing is a great option for businesses that require high quantities of custom-printed clothing, such as sports teams or work uniforms. It’s also a good choice for businesses that require long-lasting, durable prints. To ensure the longevity of screen-printed clothing, be sure to take proper care of them by washing them inside out and avoiding hot water or bleach. You should also turn the shirt inside out before drying it to prevent the ink from fading or cracking. By following these simple tips, you can make your company’s apparel last longer and look more attractive. apparel screen printing

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