The Benefits of Restaurant Labels

A shrewd restaurant owner knows that accurate food labels are key to keeping their establishment running smoothly. They allow their employees to quickly identify the correct order for customers and ensure that all ingredients used are safe for those with major food allergies. Labels are also essential for ensuring kitchen accuracy in terms of order preparation, and for meeting the strict food safety guidelines set by regulatory agencies like the FDA.

While more data is needed to understand how menu labeling laws influence real-world consumption, some initial studies suggest that they may have unintended consequences. For example, if people are exposed to numeric calorie and fat information, they might overestimate the energy content of their purchases. Similarly, some restaurants might respond to menu labeling laws by offering lower-energy items that are worse nutritionally overall than their previous offerings.

In the kitchen, restaurant labels help staff move foods and storage containers around with ease by indicating the preparation, use-by, sell-by, or expiration dates that must be listed on food. Labels are also a crucial tool in helping the kitchen implement HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) systems to prevent cross-contamination from foodborne illnesses and keep the business up to code with health inspections.

Another important benefit of restaurant labels is that they can be a great way to promote branding on takeout and delivery orders. The right stickers offer an opportunity to add a custom logo, color themes, or other details that make the packaging more appealing and build trust with new and existing customers. They can also serve as tamper evident seals that warn delivery drivers not to open the container.

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