Tissot Watch Repair Near Me

Founded in 1853, Tissot has been a leading Swiss watch brand for nearly 150 years. The company has a long history of innovation, using special materials, advanced functionality and precise design details to make timepieces that are both sophisticated and practical. Currently, Tissot is part of the Swatch Group and is committed to upholding the tradition of Swiss watchmaking while pushing the boundaries with new designs and materials. Tissot’s collection includes a wide range of models from their iconic T-touch series to the recognizable Visodate.

Whether you need a simple battery replacement or a complete watch service, your local Tissot watch repair near me is here to help! A quick battery swap should cost you about $10 – $15 depending on the brand of watch you have. Replacing the entire crystal or case back on your watch will run you much more as these parts are a little more complicated and require a special tool to remove them.

A full watch service typically involves the watchmaker dismantling the movement and checking it for faults. The watch is then fully cleaned in a series of ultrasonic chemical baths. All the components are then replaced and tested according to Tissot’s quality standards. The watch is then returned with a two year warranty.

If you have a touch screen Tissot watch the service fee is going to be different than a standard mechanical watch. The repair technician will need to remove the touch screen, digitizer and the watch bezel. Then they will need to replace the battery and the gaskets if needed. The watch will then need to be reassembled and tested for water resistance. A complete service on a Tissot touch screen watch can cost anywhere from $65 – $315.

One of the most common problems seen in Tissot watches is a cracked or dimming display. This is usually a result of a broken glass or worn out display. A professional watch repair shop will be able to restore your Tissot’s original look and functionality by replacing the damaged parts with genuine ones.

Another common issue seen with Tissot watches is the failure of the crown or stem to operate properly. A watchmaker will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it quickly. Replacing a crown is easy, but if the stem is also damaged then the repair will be more involved. A master watchmaker will take the time to carefully examine each minuscule part of your watch to ensure it is restored to its original condition.

Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group and has been making quality Swiss watches since 1853. The company is known for blending classic pocket watch designs with modern features to create timepieces that are both elegant and functional. During its long history, Tissot has been the Official Timekeeper of many sporting events including basketball with NBA and FIBA; cycling with the Tour de France and UCI World Cycling Championships; motorsports with MotoGP(tm) and FIM World Superbike championships; and rugby with RBS 6 Nations championship, TOP14, European Rugby Champions Cup, and Challenge Cups. Today, the company is a global leader in precision and performance. Tissot watch repair near me

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