Top Most Anticipated PS4 Exclusives 2014

With the launch of the current generation of PlayStation like always the PS4 comes not only with powerful hardware but the anticipation for the games it will run. The 2014 line up of exclusive titles for release on the PS4 makes it an exciting year for gamers so we have compiled a short list of the top most anticipated PS4 exclusives 2014:

3. Driveclub
The severely delayed title created by Evolution Studios is a team-based online racer that encourages players to work together by rewarding them for team work against other “clubs” around the world. Driveclub in different to other simulation racers as Driveclub isn’t always about racing, a large portion of the game is based on completed a list of challenges that can range from time trials, watching competing teams and beating team scores.

Driveclub’s graphics are tipped to be as visually stimulating as the Xbox One’s title Forza Motorsport 5. The cars in game are exact clones as their counterparts in real life with extreme details included such as thread direction on fabrics. This exclusive title keeps its racing roots as it was designed to be played from the first-person perspective.
Release date: 10/08/2014

2. The Order: 1886
This third-person action game developed by Ready at Dawn is set in an alternative history in the 19th century where the player is a member of an elite order of knights that are up against a mysterious supernatural enemy. Thus placing The Order as one of he most intriguing exclusive titles to be released on the PS4 this year.

Since the in-engine reveal at E3 there have been glimpses of the game that seems increasingly promising as the visuals are sharp and detailed giving it the “next-gen” look and feel. The setting will have to be coupled with a decent story if this title is to be a success.
Release date: Q3 2014

1. Uncharted 4
Arguably one of Sony’s biggest franchises that is at “system selling” status is Uncharted. Having three strong PS4 releases and a great PS Vita game the developer Naughty Dog have an impressive catalogue with the Uncharted series.

Uncharted 4 is still a mystery to the gaming world however thanks to a teaser trailer we all know it exists. The developers have probably been working on it after completing The Last of Us especially with Sony breathing down their backs it should be out before the end of 2014.
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