Travel Music Composer – Franz Suppe

In the 19th century, travel became a big thing. From novels about exotic Brighton to operas set in far-flung places like India or Africa, it was all the rage.

Suppe was a light opera and operetta composer, whose best works were Ganymede and Galatea (1865), Fatinitza (1876) and Boccaccio (1879). He also wrote several socially relevant pieces.

Die Afrikareise (The Africa Trip), 1893 – Overture

The overture to the light opera Die Afrikareise by Franz von Suppe is a typical overture, full of structure and focus. It is a fine example of the work that Suppe made his own and one that will remain a favorite of fans of Viennese overtures.

This overture was originally written for the March 1883 premiere of the opera, but when it was revised in 1893, a replacement overture by Paul Lincke was added. While Lincke’s piece does not have the conciseness and spark of Suppe’s original, it still contains many of the same motifs.

Maggi Guten Appetit Fruhlings Suppe – Spring Soup

A hearty clear spring soup made with carrots, peas, leeks and celery. It can be prepared in no time at all and is a delicious meal during the spring season.

Soup is a dish of hot liquid that usually contains meat or vegetables, as well as other ingredients such as stock or juice. It is often seasoned with spices and served in soup bowls.

Kurbis suppe or pumpkin soup is a traditional Burgenland dish made with diced or grated pumpkin flesh and simmered in water, chicken or beef broth until all the ingredients are tender. It is usually flavored with paprika, nutmeg, cumin and dill.

Soups are a popular dish all over Europe, and they are a healthy alternative to meat. Soups are usually a great source of protein and calcium, and are particularly useful for those who have allergies to meat. Sommersuppe

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