Voice Overs – What Is Voice Acting?

Voice acting is a broad term covering a variety of different audio work. It can be broken down into a few main categories.

Voice actors work on many different types of projects ranging from TV and Radio Ads, Video and Narration, Audio Books, e-Learning and ESOL content to Direct Telephone Prompts (IVR) and even foreign language dubbing. Often, the best voice actors will specialise in certain genres of production. They will know how to read a script to convey the right tone and style of a piece of audio and will be able to tailor their delivery to suit the client’s requirements.

For example, technical content like explainer videos and educational content will require the voice actor to be able to pronounce niche industry terms correctly in order to sound authoritative. Commercials and promotional movies, on the other hand, will need a voice that is approachable and engaging to entice audiences to take action or make a purchase.

In addition to these different types of production, there is also a significant amount of voice work for animations, radio dramas and even ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement). Voice Actors can also be heard voicing characters in film and TV, announcing events and news, or acting as the audio tour guide on a theme park visit. You will even hear them on the end of a phone line when you dial customer service or as your navigation system voice. So, if you’ve got the right voice and a decent recording studio set up, the world of Voice Over is your oyster. voiceovers.uk

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