Which Part of Singapore is One-North?

Which part of Singapore is one-north?

A 200-hectare business park and live-work-play-learn precinct, one-north is the home to a mix of high-value-added service industries such as biomedical and pharmaceuticals, media and infocomm technology, design and creative industries and tertiary / post-tertiary education and training. Many of these industries are headquartered here and the area has been developed into a vibrant community with multiple social and recreational facilities.

The one-north ecosystem includes science and tech business parks, malls, pubs and a hospital all within walking distance of each other. It’s the perfect place for businesses to grow and develop.

Several buildings in the one-north ecosystem have been designed and master-planned by Zaha Hadid. These include Fusionopolis Phase 1 (built in 2008), a work-live-play-learn complex that houses public agencies, research institutes and private companies.

As well as a two-tower podium complex and a shopping centre, Fusionopolis One also hosts a gym from fitness chain Fitness First.

There are also a couple of bars and cafes in the one-north ecosystem, including a co-working space that houses more than 200 start-ups and hot houses. This has helped entice businesses to set up in the one-north ecosystem, says Khoo Yik Lin, who is the vice-president for Asia for FireForge, an app development and publishing startup.

It’s also the ideal place to mix and mingle with other movers and shakers. This is where Mrs Bornhoeft, 31, from Netherlands, and her husband chose to settle after finding out that his company was headquartered here.

Having a close proximity to other companies, such as those in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries, was an important factor for Mrs Bornhoeft when she made her decision. She says that the diversity of people here is a big draw, especially when looking for a new hire.

Heritage makes a difference in one-north too, with colonial bungalows dotting the landscape and many of them repurposed into different uses. This is particularly evident in Rochester Park and Wessex Estate, where 10 black-and-white bungalows have been repurposed as on-site accommodation and a cafeteria.

The neighbourhood’s greenery has also played a major role in attracting businesses and retaining them here. This is reflected in the many lush gardens, and the fact that each of the precincts has its own park.

In fact, the thriving one-north ecosystem has even been linked to neighbouring nodes through a network of underpasses and walkways. This was part of the vision for one-north and was a major factor in why the area was chosen as a future transport hub.

There are also a number of shuttle buses in the one-north ecosystem, such as those that pick up and drop off at the one-north MRT station. These buses can be arranged through the RushTrail mobile app and are priced at $0.40 per journey.

The area is easily accessible by MRT and buses, which connect it to other areas in Singapore such as Buona Vista and Orchard Road. It is also a short drive to the Central Business District. the hill one north condo

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