Why a Norcold Replacement Cooling Unit is Better Than an OEM Unit

Bought a new 2020 Travel trailer and the cooling unit failed in less than 3 months. Yellow residue behind the fridge and ammonia smell indicate the cooling solution has leaked and needs to be replaced.

The Norcold cooling unit has a putty-like material called thermal mastic applied to some of the zig-zag tubing, which conducts heat from the back of the refrigerator and freezer section to the tubing of the cooling unit. The mastic does not harden and if it is removed without careful application, the cooling unit may lift easily off of the refrigerator. This is not what is supposed to happen! The cooling units also have a number of screws that secure them to the refrigerator. If they are loose they may fall out during the heating and cooling cycle, possibly causing the weak solution cavity to leak or to crack. It is a good idea to use Loctite Threadlocker when reinstalling these screws, to prevent them from loosening.

Our remanufactured Norcold replacement cooling unit is better built than OEM or aftermarket coolers, with heavier wall seamless tubing that won’t fracture under thermal stress. Our unique rebuilding process and superior materials ensure a longer lasting RV refrigerator cooler that will not rupture like cheap knock-offs. We also offer an optional boiler temperature sensor (see ad on page 69) for improved performance. Norcold replacement cooling unit

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