Why Car Wash Machines with Power of Heat are Best for Exterior Auto Detailing?

Car wash equipment that uses hot or very hot water for cleaning is more versatile than machines that use just cold water. Pressure washers that heat water to as much as 330°F enhance the productivity of the car wash process in many ways:

  • Removing Grease: Car parts tend to get very grimy and greasy due to the constant fumes and burning of fuel in the engine. Engine maintenance without appropriate tools such as high-quality car wash equipment is very difficult. High temperature pressure washers dissolve and wash away grease, burned fuels, and grime.
  • Removing Snow and Frost: There is no faster way to melt snow, ice, and frost from cars than using car wash equipment that generates very high temperatures.
  • Interior and Exterior Cleaning: Car wash equipment cleans inner and outer surfaces of cars as long as you use the right machines. Pressure washers are used for cleaning the outer surfaces, while a portable steam cleaner maybe used for cleaning dashboards, steering wheels, dashboard compartments, and so on.

Heat dissolves grease, organic matter, chewing gum, and similar substances faster than other methods. Using car wash equipment that utilizes steam or heated water speeds up the cleaning process.  Cold water hardens grease and dirt unless copious amounts of very harsh detergents are used.

Exterior Detailing

Removing dirt from tires, doors, windows, and engines without damaging the surface requires the use of top-quality car wash equipment specifically designed for such tasks. A pressure washer should be powerful enough to remove dirt and gentle enough not to harm the surface below. Auto detailing pressure washers have pressure levels of 750 psi to 1500 psi to clean cars completely without denting or stripping the paint. Some of these car detailing machines are designed to be low flow, using a fraction of the water used by conventional auto detailing products.

If you run a mobile car wash business, you should purchase a machine that can be fitted on a trailer and transported to work sites. Fixed-location businesses can use either a stationary or mobile car wash machines. A stationary unit equipped with two operator trigger guns increases efficiency. car detailing services near me

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