Why Home Insulation is important?

Home insulation is an important part of every home. It is vital for maintaining comfortable temperatures in the home such as keeping the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Efficient home insulation is important in reducing the costs of temperature control and energy use, which in turn reduces the burning of fossil fuels to produce energy. Home insulation plays a key role in energy and cost efficiency associated with today’s cost of living.

Home insulation materials are heat resistance. They resist the flow of heat and cold waves. This method is also useful to achieve energy efficiency. The heat is a form of energy and it flows out of home in the winter. It also flows into the home in the summer. Therefore, to achieve energy efficiency which could save you energy cost, home insulation is a must.

The R-value of the materials determines the efficiency of the home insulation materials in resisting heat transfer. The R-value stands for heat resistance. The higher the R-values, the better the materials in reducing heat transfer and the better it’s saving your energy costs. Most manufacturers print R-values on their products.

Cellulose is a popular material used in home insulation. Cellulose insulation is made from recycled newspaper treated with flame retardant and is an excellent insulation and soundproofing material. It can provide much greater insulation compared to fiberglass as it has higher R-value. Cellulose insulation is substantially more economical than fiberglass batts. It is one of the most popular types of insulation.

The difference between the two is fiberglass insulation doesn’t require chemical treatments as it is made up of sand and recycled glass. On the other hand cellulose insulation is treated with fire retardant and it’s used mainly for ground or crawl insulation methods. It is used to protect crawl area from water, fire and humidity. For information on environmentally friendly cellulose, go to www.premiuminstallation.com.au.

The Australian Home Insulation Program provides assistance of up to $1,200 to install home insulation. The assistance is available to eligible owner-occupiers, landlords and tenants.  For smaller homes the government insulation rebate pays for the insulation so it is often free.

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