Installing Wood Window Shutters

Installing wood window shutters is certainly an easy process to do, so long as you follow the appropriate installation procedures to the letter. The right thing to remember is to work with window shutters that are built for individual windows and according to the specific installation guide.

Many shutter companies that provide shutter installation services will always remind their customer that it is right to employ their professional installing service with all the work to be done by a certified or licensed installer. Actually, it is not the case as anyone, even those with no experience with shutter installation, can install his shutters like a professional.

To start the installation right, you have to properly measure your shutters as well as your windows. Of course, you must get the precise measurement figures as possible. Likewise, you also have to decide if your shutters are to be mounted on the interior or exterior of your window’s opening.

The more preferred way of installing wood window shutters is by directly mounting them to the jamb of your window inside its opening. This is cleaner than if you are to mount your shutters on the exterior of the window. Inside installation does not need for any added frame or hang strips. It should be noted however that inside mounting needs that window to be square and has a solidly built jamb that can accommodate screws.

On the other hand, exterior mount installation of wood window shutters utilizes frames that are attached to the walls just to the exterior of the window opening. The frames will normally be surrounding the panels on three to four sides. Shutter blinds Newcastle

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