Pilates, Yoga & Fitness Classes at Fairy Meadow

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Achieve total body conditioning with low impact pilates, yoga and fitness classes. Classes are run from Fairy Meadow Surf Club and Balgownie Community Centre. Classes are designed to improve core/body strength, flexibility, posture & balance.

Pat has been a Pilates instructor for 17 years and is passionate about helping clients achieve a healthy lifestyle by using Pilates as their foundation. Her philosophy is to tailor each class and exercise to every client, taking into consideration their skill level, injuries and goals. She encourages her clients to be well informed about the fundamentals of Pilates, which is achieved by learning the 3 principles – Neutral Spine, Activating your deep stabilising muscles (Transversus Abdominis & Pelvic Floor) and applying them to all exercises.

The studio is spread over 2 custom built rooms starting with a seating area then moving into the reformer pilates room with 7 reformers, mat pilates and a barre studio. There are also a few other pieces of equipment such as magic circles, bounce boards and therabands. All of the studio equipment is regularly cleaned to ensure it stays in pristine condition. Classes are available 7 days a week at all times of the day – morning, afternoon and evening. pilates fairy meadow

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