Paper Quilling Jewelry

The shapes used in quilling, scrolls and loose coils, may look fragile at first glance, but they’re actually quite strong. A tightly coiled strip of paper can stand up to the thumb of your hand (just don’t press too hard!).

Some quillers use a needle tool for perfect coils, but even if you don’t have a slotted tool, you can create beautiful, professional-looking coils. The key is to keep turning the paper strip after you reach the end, until it gives way and tears away a small piece of the paper that would’ve been the crimp. This method also helps you avoid gluing the coils together.

Decorative and functional paper quilling is made with strips of paper that are rolled, shaped and glued to create designs. They can be arranged as single pieces or attached to other objects, such as greeting cards, gift boxes and picture frames.

The origins of quilling are unknown, although it is believed to be an ancient technique for decorating items with thin metal wires. When these materials became unavailable to the general public, a substitute was found in paper.

Quilling flourished among ladies of affluence in Europe in Edwardian and Victorian times. Special recesses were made in tea caddies, baskets, portraits and screens to accommodate intricate paper coils and shapes. These ladies were able to pursue the art as a leisure activity without having to work for money or attend to domestic chores. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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